Inspiration and occasional thoughts

There’s so much pressure to edit oneself to a T, to flesh out who you are and then attempt to capture exactly who that is on an iPhone camera, in 140 characters, or in a series of emojis and clever hashtags. The problem with this depiction of your “real life” is, of course, that it’s not very real at all. It’s how you want to appear to the world. It’s nearly impossible to show what’s real because your actual identity is a moving target. Or, at least, I think it should be.

—Emily Weiss, Introducing Glossier (via luxe-pauvre)


"Don’t you think our conversations flow with so much ease though we just met?" 

"I can make you happy again, I can make you smile." 

"I’ll keep trying. I’m persistent remember? Since March this year." 


I am happy. Occasionally the thoughts and feeling do creep up on me. But I’m okay, I really am. It shouldn’t be anyone’s responsibility to make me happy or carry the emotions that I’m carrying. It’s not your burden to hold with me, but thank you for walking along that road with me. x